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Special applications - GPS - GNSS - Galileo

Active atex antenna zone 1/21 - 2/22   GPS - GNSS - GALILEO



The active GPS antenna is the simplest solution to acquire a GPS position. It can be used both for terrestrial and maritime navigation .. In industry, many applications are possible.

The Kermaz active antenna is mounted in a flameproof enclosure Ex d which can be mounted on a pole, a mast or on a building roof. It comes with a cable up to 50m (450m with additional amplifier) and its connector.

Mounting on a wall, on a roof, on a pole

Marking II 2GD Exd IIB/IIC T6...T3 GB     Ex tb/tc IIIC T85°C...T200°C Db
Ambient temperature

-20/+40°C - IP66 (box) et -20°C/+40°C (antenna)


Directive ATEX 94/09/CE (ATEX 100A)
general requirement

EN60079-31 (2009) : protection against dust

EN60079-1 (2007) : flameproof equipments

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